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*Worship services at 11 am.  We plan to worship in person at both churches.*  
Anyone coming into our church buildings for public gatherings will be asked to provide proof of vaccination.  Those 12 years and under will be exempt.

 The church office is open Monday-Thursday. If anyone would like to book an appointment with our minister Kent Gibbons, please call 684-4220

 For any ongoing information regarding our Church services, please contact our Regional Council Representatives.

Gail Levesque at 826-3156 or Eileen Leslie at 684-5435

🧁If anyone has Birthday Wishes, or Special Dates coming up

 that they would like to Celebrate, please contact Kent and he will be happy to send along greetings and good wishes!🎈🎈

The Thrift Shop is OPEN Thursday from 12:30 - 2:30 P.M.  Masks are mandatory and hand sanitizing is recommended.  People will be checked at the door for double vaccinations.


St. John's United Church


Please use 102.3 FM if you are following a church service from your car in the parking lot of either St. John or Bethel United Churches.


Pastoral Charge email is:

The Administration Assistant is in the St. John's United church office on Thursday mornings from 8:30 to 10:30 am

Emails are checked regularly throughout the week and any issues will be addressed as required.


Poem for Orange Shirt Day

By Colleen Gauvin


When they buried the children

What they didn't know

They were lovingly embraced

By the Land.

The Land Mother Earth as we know it

Held and cradled in a Mother's heart.


The trees wept for them

With the wind they sang mourning songs

Their mothers didn't know how to sing

bending branches to touch the earth around them.


The Creator cried for them

The tears falling like rain

Mother Earth held them

Until they could be found.


Now our voices sing the mourning songs

with the trees, the wind.

Light sacred fires, ensure they are

never forgotten as we sing Justice.












Bulletin for December 5, 2021


Advent2 December 5 Sermon


December 5 Hymns and Scripture Readings


Our Cemeteries

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Vision Statement

Expanding our involvement in the community and the world

Mission Statement

To put God's love into action by working with people of all ages and denominations.

To enrich our Christian experience through prayer, worship and service.

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