Bethel United Church

October 20. 2019 is World Food Sunday. 

St. John's United Church

Our First Soup & Sandwich Luncheon of the year is October 23.

at St. John's United, Dalhousie from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Join us for Food & Fellowship!

Sunday School is at Bethel United on November 10, 2019.   Everyone is Welcome!


Our White Gift Service will be at St. John's United in Dalhousie on Sunday December 15.

🎖Remembrance Day service will be held on Sunday November 10. Please share any photos, stories or artifacts you may have about the war years you may have and bring them to the Pastoral Charge office by Monday November 10.

Please Join us for Worship and Fellowship !

📄 Weekly Bulletin                 Bulletin for October 20, 2019

        ✝ Monthly Worship Schedule   Worship Services for October 2019


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Vision Statement

Expanding our involvement in the community and the world

Mission Statement

To put God's love into action by working with people of all ages and denominations.

To enrich our Christian experience through prayer, worship and service.

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