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***Welcome Back!***Exciting News!***

***We will resume "in person-in sanctuary" worship services beginning in St. John's United Church in Dalhousie  at 10 a.m.on Sunday, August 9th, 2020. 

Our Chaleur United congregation will continue our parking lot services at the Bethel United property on alternating weeks until further notice. ***


 For any ongoing information regarding our Church services, please contact our Regional Council Representatives.

Gail Levesque at 826-3156 or Eileen Leslie at 684-5435

🧁If anyone has Birthday Wishes, or Special Dates coming up

 that they would like to Celebrate, please contact Kent 

and he will be happy to send along greetings and good wishes!🎈🎈




This is an update due to the continuing pandemic:

 1.     Drive-in worship will continue for June, July, and August.

 2.     Starting June 7th until the end of August, services will be at 10:00 AM.

 3.     Services will continue at Bethel United in Nash Creek. 

4.      In Sanctuary services will begin on August 9, 2020 at St. John's United in Dalhousie.

5.     We would appreciate having your e-mail address for future communication.

 We look forward to seeing you!  Be safe!



St. John's United Church


Drive-In Church

Dalhousie-New Mills PC is being read and talked about all over Canada, thanks to a national mail out done by the "Embracing the Spirit" United Church newsletter.  The Pastoral Charge office has already been contacted by folks in other parts of Canada who have seen this item and are interested in what Kent has been doing on Sundays at New Mills! Please read the article below to see what others across Canada have found out about what is happening in our part of the world.

"While many communities of faith were going to online worship, Dalhousie-New Mills Pastoral Charge in New Brunswick did a different kind of pivot. If you can’t go into the building, why not have the worship in the parking lot?

Hearing about communities of faith in Texas that had moved their worship to parking lot services, Diaconal Minister Kent Gibbons thought that that was something they could try out, too. Here are some of the things that they did differently:

  • The worship was shortened, taking from best practices that others were using in their online worship services. Typically, there are fewer hymns and a service is around 35 minutes.
  • Music was difficult at first and took a while to figure out, but they have a CD of More Voices which has made accompaniment easier!
  • Arranging cars was one of the best learnings. The cars needed to park parallel to the speaker (the opposite of what a drive in movie would do) and spacing was done using pool noodles for measurement.
  • For pastoral care, the phone tree was quickly set up. It isn’t just the minister that connects with everyone; the phone tree is used to connect with each other.
With this experiment being a success, Dalhousie-New Mills Pastoral Charge is considering what’s next and how else they might reach out to more people in the area in new ways."

πŸ™Join our Dalhousie-New Mills Pastoral Charge every Sunday morning to be a part of the

" Parking Lot "church services with Chaleur United Congregation (at Bethel United Church) in Nash Creek. Service is at 10:00 a.m.


Our May 10th Sunday service was held outdoors in our Bethel United Church parking lot with many coming out to worship.




Congratulations !! 

Here are the names of the 2020 Graduates from our Pastoral Charge...

Abby Black

Shelby Carter

Zoe Lussier-Gibbons

Emily Nichol

We also celebrate  

Jillian Lapointe and Jerica Smearer.  


Bulletin for August 9, 2020


Sermon for August 9,2020




***For those joining us in our Parking Lot services we now have a transmitter. When you arrive please tune into 102.3 FM***



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To enrich our Christian experience through prayer, worship and service.

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